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List of community created additions for the RailCore II Printers

Preview Name Description state Creator Link
orion.jpg Orion Mount Untested Moriquendi Thingiverse
cable-clip.jpg Cable Clip A simple clip for the wiring bundle on the RailCore II Tested kraegar Thingiverse
drag_chain.jpg drag chain mounts add some 10×20 drag chain to Railcore2 300ZL Untested newt80ns Thingiverse
mosquito.jpg Mosquito hotend mount Adapter to attach Slice Engineering's Mosquito Hotend to the Railcore II extruder assembly. Untested natewalck Thingiverse
spool_holder.jpg Frame Mount Spool Holder a remix of jstevewhite's frame-mount spool holder arms with just one arm Untested chainsol Thingiverse
tusk_fan_shroud.jpg Tusk Part Cooling Shroud The fan used on this is a 2040 blower. More Details at Thingiverse Untested SublimeLayers Thingiverse
spool_holder_jstevewhite.jpg Spool Holder for RailCore2 These just slide over the extrusion+side of the Railcore2 Untested jstevewhite Thingiverse
yarsh.jpg Yet Another Railcore 2 Spool Holder “because I use taulman filament a lot I made a remix of chainsols remix. Untested jstevewhite Thingiverse
lostapathyirmount.jpg Remixed Railcore IR Probe mount “This add small standoffs to the original IR probe mount to clear the through-hole pin header on the backside of the IR probe. Untested lostapathy Thingiverse
bondtech.jpg Bondtech BMG Mount For the RailCore II This mount will let you use a Bondtech BMG on your Railcore II instead of the E3D Titan Untested kraegar Thingiverse
bondtech.jpg Revised Bondtech BMG Mount raises the stepper mounting holes by 2mm so that a full sized stepper will clear a button head screw. Untested lostapathy Thingiverse

There is also cheeseandham's Railcore II collection which may have more models than here.

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