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CC-Attribution Only license

More from J.Steve White from the FB group.

“We talked about it quite a bit, and we wanted to have the core bits open to anyone - that's why we provided the F360 files, not just STLs. So Matthew and Wade (and anyone else) are not obligated by that license in any fashion, any more than Meanwell is for the PSU.

It's a community project in the sense that we encourage everyone to design and share whatever bits they want, and will provide any information we own, and even assist when we're able in modifying, hacking, tweaking, etc. If someone does come up with something we think should be incorporated into the core project, we'll work things out with that person individually.

Ultimately, for *this* fork, Tony and I will decide what's in the “official” project (basically our core F360 source files). This license allows anyone to fork the project and run that fork in whatever fashion they want to - though we'd appreciate if you don't use a name that could confuse it with the original project (i.e., “RailCore 3” or something), and, of course, attribution

For the purposes of the Project R3D kits, Joseph Podgorski is the ultimate authority. We do provide advice, and he has taken that advice thus far, but is under no ongoing obligation to do so. 

Hopefully, this clears it up a bit.”

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