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Official Documentation: Radds Doku

A nice, sadly not 100% Open, controller board with optional extension board that can controll 6 (with extension board up to 9) independent stepper motors. Usually running ontop of a Arduino Due 32bit Board, so it has plenty of performance to controll all Railcore Aspects. as an alternative to Arduino Due + Raspberry Pi, it could also be mounted ontop of the not so known Udoo Dual / Udoo Quad boards that have an Arduino Due compatible Chip and pinout combined with a ARM Dual/Quad core on a single board.

The Radds can run on 12 or 24 Volts and is quite Flexible in terms of conectivity.


  • 32Bit Arduino for Performance
  • Free choice of stepper drivers
  • 12V / 24V support, also mixing of 12V and 24V devices is supported
  • Single Package when used with udoo (less wire mess)
  • precise automotive circuit breakers


  • Not fully open source - missing PCB layouts for example
  • not “cheap” - about 80$ without stepper drivers and arduino
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