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Welcome to the RailCore Wiki

A wiki with info about the RailCore II 3d printer and its components

About the RailCore II

RailcoreII is a Core-XY based Reprap 3d printer designed by J. Steve White & Tony Akens under the CC-Attribution Only license. The initial idea to collaborate on a printer started in the #RepRap IRC channel, and centered on some common goals we both had in mind for a new printer design.

You can also check out the FAQ.

There is also some very cool RailCore branded merchandise here!

Project and Models

Aluminum Components

Configs and other Documentation

Build videos

Official RailCore Versions

RailCore II (Deprecated) RailCore IIZL RailCore II 300 (Deprecated) RailCore II 300ZL RailCore II 300ZLT
X/Y Printable 250×250 250×250 300×300 300×300 300×300
Z Printable 250 280 300 330 600
Auto Leveling? No Yes No Yes Yes
Fusion 360 Model Model Model Model Model Model
Bill of Materials BOM BOM BOM BOM BOM
Assembly Guide Guide Guide Guide Guide Kit wiring Coming Soon!

Hardware Components

Firmware and Configuration

Example configurations for several firmwares using different controllers with the standard railcore configurations


Sample Builds

- JohnOCFII Imgur Gallery

Variations & Customizations

Configuration Options

Improving durability

There are some milled aluminium replacement parts available

these include:

How To's

A list of how-to's on various aspects of the Railcore build:

Community Modifications

A list of contributed modifications by builders:

There are some tips here too.

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