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Tips gathered from IRC, forum and Facebook, where they can be merged into the main documentation later.


(Tony Akens) I recommend ptfe based oil or grease. (superlube is the brand I use) I like the grease because it's quieter and the motion feels more consistent. But it needs cleaned /replaced more often.

cheeseandham's UK / EU BOM - based on the 300ZLT BOM from 21st Sept 2018.

Amazon products from BOM on a wishlist -

cheeseandham's railcore thingiverse collection
kraegars Simplify3D profile

obviously needs some edits for a 300, etc. temps and all may not match what yours likes

silicone AC heater

(Tony Akens) 750W, which is WAY too high. I'd love a 300, 350w one instead.

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