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RailCore® is a family of Core-XY based Reprap 3D printers designed by J. Steve White, Tony Akens, and Ben Withem.

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  • About This Site

    This site is primarily community built and supported. If you notice something is missing, a community member (just like you!) doing the work is the only way things improve. Please pitch in wherever you can, no contribution is too small.

    The source for this website is managed in a public GitHub Repo. It’s built using Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. While that sounds complicated, it just means most of the code is written in simple Markdown and managed in public using free tools.

    Contributions are welcome throughout the site. If you need help finding a place to start, see our TODO page.

    Power Users

    If you’re already familiar with GitHub, feel free to fork the project and submit a PR. If that last sentence made no sense, the rest of this page is for you.

    Getting Started

    You’ll need a GitHub account to contribute to the docs. You can sign up on GitHub. It’s free and easy.

    Back on this site, on each page there is a link to ‘Edit this Page’ in the left sidebar. Click that link. Clicking that link will take you to an editor on GitHub where you can edit the Markdown source for the page. Make your edits then click the green button to ‘Propose file change’ to commit your change. You’ll then be taken to another page to create a Pull Request to have your change merged into the website. Submit your pull request and your changes will be reviewed and merged into the website.

    Try to include notes in the description boxes when submitting changes, especially if you are proposing substantial edits. These notes help the project maintainers understand your intentions when reviewing and merging your changes. If something about your change isn’t clear or if it needs additional work, we’ll update your Pull Request to reflect that. Whenever an update is made to your PR, you’ll automatically get an email from GitHub alerting you of the update. Please pay attention to these alerts and follow up if needed.