RailCore II 3D Printer

RailCore II is a Core-XY based Reprap 3D printer designed by J. Steve White & Tony Akens under the CC-Attribution Only license.

Front Side Parts Prints
RailCore II photo RailCore II photo RailCore II photo Prints

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RailCore II Community Resources

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Read all about the design history of the RailCore II and how it came to be. More questions? Have a look at the General FAQ

Table of RailCore II ZL Versions

  RailCore II ZL RailCore II 300ZL RailCore II 300ZLT
X/Y Printable 250×250 300×300 300×300
Z Printable 280 330 600
Auto Leveling? Yes Yes Yes
Fusion 360 Model Model Model Model
Bill of Materials BOM BOM BOM
Assembly Guide Guide Guide Kit wiring Guide Kit wiring

A special thanks to Filastruder, Duet3d, E3D, SeeMeCNC, Mandala Rose Works, 713 Maker and Project R3D for supporting the project.