Build Surfaces

There is plenty of good information out there on bed surfaces and their adhesion. This is just a summary of any surfaces when used with the Railcore.

Everflex™ PEI Double-sided and textured powder coated PEI flex plates offered by Subtle Design. Compatible with all forms of sensors and probes. Printed parts self release when cooled down.

Lokbuild is the build surface on the BOM. Compatible with dc42’s mini-differential IR sensor and BLtouch.

PrintBite+ - printed parts “self release” as the heat bed cools down with this surface. However be aware that it seems that it may be translucent to IR and so not a good surface when combined with dc42’s mini-differential IR sensor (which is the standard on the BOM)

BuildTak Works well with BLTouch, folks report erratic results with IR. Stuff sometimes ticks too well when used on a fixed bed; is best suited for a removable flex bed like the magnetic bed.