Leadscrew Couplers

There are several options for leadscrew couplers, listed in order of preference. This is opinion, feel free to test and evaluate yourself.

1. Joint Coupler

Joint Coupler

These couplers are made of two separate pieces of aluminum and a center plastic joint. They center the leadscrew & stepper better than the solid couplers, and are very quiet. Less Z artifacts than either the rigid or spring couplers.

2. Solid Coupler

Solid Coupler

These Couplers are a rigid style. Issues are mostly around centering the leadscrew and stepper shaft. Quieter than a spring style coupler, but can add wobble and some Z artifacts.

3. Spring Coupler

Spring Coupler

These Couplers are a common basic coupler. In testing they were louder than the others, and added Z-artifacts / banding.