Magnetic Bed Solutions and Build Plates

This section covers Magnetic Beds and Build Plates that will work with the RailCore.

The build plate size is significantly larger than the printable area. On the 250ZL, for instance, the bed is 275x281, but 250x250 is about the max printable area. You can approach this problem in different fashions.

The most convenient is to get a flex plate that’s 5-10mm longer than the width of your build plate and the full width - i.e, on the 250ZL, 280x280 would fill the build plate and provide a 5mm lip to lift it off with.

You can also, less elegantly, purchase a flex plate the size of your printable area (250x250 or 300x300). You can eyeball it, or mark your bed in some fashion with alignment marks. This works, but some may find it inelegant. The magnets in the 713 mag bed are strong, so you will want to make a tab (Kapton tape works well) in one corner to allow you to lift the flex plate off the magbed.


Magetic Bed Solutions

Magnetic Build Plates