Stepper Motors

The fundamental design of the Railcore is intended to be used with 0.9º stepper motors in X, Y, and E, and some combination of leadscrew and stepper that gives 0.01mm full-step resolution in Z. This can be accomplished with 0.9º steppers and a T84 (2-start) leadscrew, or the way the Project R3D kit accomplishes it with 1.8º steppers and a T82 leadscrew setup. The two are functionally equivalent, though the 1.8º steppers are slightly noisier because they turn twice as fast for a given move speed.

The Project R3D kits use 0.9º steppers from E3D on X, Y, and E. The original Railcore prototype used a pair of 0.9º steppers jstevewhite happened to have laying around.